We started our business from the false eyelash factory. And we kept building up other eyelash related manufacturing facilities such as chemical factory (Glue & Remover & Others) and Others (Eye patches & Ingrown Toenail Repair Products). 

We launched our own brand “NOVASECRET” recently, and would like to distribute those to all over the world. 

We are looking for the company that wants to be our distributor in their country and region. 

We are 100% sure that we are able to give a lot better service to our customers than any other manufacturers in the world. 

Thank you.

Please send your proposal on partnership 
with "NOVASECRET" by e-mail 

E-mail: info@novasecret.kr 
Internet: www.novasecret.kr 

E-mail: nova@etomarta.com 
Internet: www.etomarta.com 

E-mail: euro@novasecret.kr 
Internet: www.novasecret.com

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